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Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell, born in 3 July 1927 in Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK.

Before becoming a film director, Ken Russell tried several professions, from being a photographer or a dancer until serving in the British Army. In the 1960's he began directing short films and television films that were noted and acclaimed for their attention to detail and extremely rich visuals - features that would always be present on his later films also, almost as his signature.

With his film Women in Love, from 1969, amidst some scandal (the film was sometimes referred as 'Women in Heat'), his name was internationally recognized as he was nominated for an Oscar. From 1970 onwards he directed a vast number of sometimes excellent films, ranging from mainstream to small budget productions, nevertheless always showing his mastership in composition, direction and narration and his versatility in the choice of themes for his movies.

Parallel to his career as a film and television director he has also played some roles as an actor and wrote cinema critiques, always being 'truly the Bad Boy of British cinema', wich 'failures are often more interesting than most directors' successes' quoting Leonald Maltin.

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