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Ugh, I sat through this once...I can't believe I'm reliving it again.

In a Kennel From Hell match: There's one regular steel cage (no roof) surrounding the ring.  Outside of that, there's a Hell in the Cell-type cage enclosing the whole ringside area.  In the middle, throw in 10 Rottweilers.  To win, you have to escape the outer cell.

There has only been one Kennel From Hell match.  Wanna guess how much it sucked?

In mid-1999, The Big Boss Man was terrorizing poor Al Snow, and the angle went a TAD too far.  To climax the feud, Boss Man stole Al's pet dog (Pepper!), killed it, chopped it up into little pieces, and then SERVED IT TO SNOW AS DINNER while supposedly working out their differences over a meal.  To get revenge, Al challenged the Boss Man to a Kennel From Hell match.  Because Boss Man would be afraid of the dogs, or something.

The match took place at WWF Unforgiven '99, and boy did it blow.  It was bad.  Real bad.  Scaffold match bad.  The Rottweilers were so obviously drugged up on sedatives that they didn't present a threat to a housefly, much less two grown men.  The dogs were also shitting all over the place, quite litterally stinking up the arena.  Throw in just trying to figure out the mechanics of maneuvering in the cramped space between two steel cages, and the match had absolutely no chance of not sucking.  You could've thrown Chris Benoit and Bret Hart in there, and the match still would've been rancid.

Jim Ross actually apologized on the air during his call of the match (albeit in a roundabout fashion) for how horrible it was.

The match was voted Worst Match of 1999 by about a million different sources.  I would pretty much bet my life savings that there will never ever, ever, EVER be another Kennel From Hell match again.

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