A freaking lunatic. He is a master at making connections; so much so that he writes a column for Pyramid Magazine by the name of Suppressed Transmission that explores various weird things to use in roleplaying games. He is probably a human avatar of Everything2.

No better introduction can be had than the "About the Author" blurb in Suppressed Transmission: The First Broadcast, a collection of his columns published by Steve Jackson Games:

Kenneth Hite is an editor and a writer living in Chicago. Since the last paragraph on page 8 was written, he has become Line Developer for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game from Last Unicorn Games...

Kenneth Hite is an NPC on p. 116 of Atlas Games' Unknown Armies. He knows quite a bit about certain historical elements behind the secret masters of the occult underground, who manifest in ripples of coincidence and symbolism.

Kenneth Hite is an alias of convenience used by an extension of empyrean pneuma into the material plane. Under this alias, he is known at many of the more poorly-organized bookshops ornamenting the North American Tectonic Plate during this Aeon.

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