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Kenzer and Company is a gaming company that bought J.R. Blackburn's Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip, and has really blossomed from there. They still produce the strip, along with several other products related (and unrelated) to the strip. Here's a breakdown.

Knights of the Dinner Table: Hoody hoo! K&C's original and best-selling product is, and will probably continue to be, these comic adventures of hack-n'-slash gamers beloved by those who know the hobby. Related comic books include KODT Illustrated, a comic book featuring the KODT gang's characters in their adventures, and HackMasters of Evernight, a comic about the world of HackMaster.

Kingdoms of Kalamar: A campaign setting for 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This product is quite a feather in K&C's cap, as Kingdoms of Kalamar is an official campaign setting for D&D, along with Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms, not just a licensed product. It will prominently display the Dungeons and Dragons logo.

Fairy Meat: A miniature wargame concieved from the KODT comic strip, in which cute little fairies kill and maim their fellows in order to eat them.

HackMaster: Ever since KODT came out, folks have been writing K&C to find out when they could play HackMaster, the game played by the KODT gang. Well, that time is now! Building on classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, this fully definded RPG allows you to wade through the corpses of your enemies while acquiring vast ammounts of treasure. Unless, of course, you roll a critical fumble...

The D&D Comic Book: K&C are doing the new D&D comic book. This is just my opinion, but I think the K&C comic is the best D&D comic done so far. It's published bimonthly, and began March 2001.

Their website is www.kenzerco.com.
Their snail mail address is:
Kenzer & Company
25667 Hillview Court
Mundelein, IL 60060

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