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Kevin Spencer, something's wrong with that kid.
Kevin Spencer, his head don't work it never did.
Kevin Spencer, you better not cross his path.
Cuz he's a chainsmoking alcoholic sociopath!

- Theme Song to the TV Show Kevin Spencer

There are adult cartoons, and there are adult cartoons. This is one show that is most definitly not meant for children.

Originally appearing on The Comedy Network in Canada as a series of shorts, the cartoon was popular enough for a deal to be made for a season worth of half hour episodes.

Since then the show has appeared on CTV, The Burly Bear Network, The Australian Comedy Channel, and the original shorts have been on Saturday Night Live.

If you really want to see it, and it's not actually on any channels you get, the first few seasons of Kevin Spencer have been released on VHS and DVD, and can apparently be found somewhere in the States.

It is currently in its 4th season on The Comedy Network.

The show follows the exploits of Kevin Spencer, who as the theme song so accurately describes, is a chainsmocking alcoholic sociopath. His head just doesn't work right, and never has. Some of his therapists call him "Demonseed", on account of the fact that he has no concience, and likes to steal and burn people. What with the addiction to cough syrup and his penchant for violence, it's not a surprise that his only friend is Alan the Magic Goose.

Alan the Magic Goose lives in Kevin's brain. In a way, he serves as a replacement for Kevin's absent concience, because he's usually the one who tells Kevin what he should and shouldn't do. However, what he should do usually falls under the categories of getting more booze, smokes, stealing or burning stuff.

The blame for Kevin being so fucked-up can be laid on the shoulders of his parents, Percy and Anastasia Spencer. A pair of lazy white trash bums who are only married because "the condom broke."

Percy is a fat drunken slob who has spent his entire life on welfare. When he's not in the slammer that is. The closest thing he ever does to work is when he dons his "Drunken Welfare Man" superhero outfit and goes out to get more trashed than ever, and pick a few fights. When he picks himself up off the floor that is.

Now Percy, I ain't screwed your wife since you caught me and those two Puerto Ricans in that four-way!
- Marty the Bartender trying to not get his ass kicked by Percy

I think that quote describes Anastasia best. Another fat pathetic slob, she'll give it up to anyone who's willing to take it.

That's the main characters, there's a whole host of others almost as fucked up as the rest.

Kevin Spencer is a poorly drawn cartoon.
- Greg Lawrence, writer, producer for the show.

Thank god Kevin Spencer doesn't have to get by on looking nice. Think South Park, and then cut the quality of the animation by a factor of at least 4.

But Kevin doesn't need fancy graphics. He's got excellent writers who aren't beyond pushing the envelope a wee bit. And I mean wee bit in the sense that Bill Gates is a tad rich.

Apparently they only have to spend about $29,000 per episode. See, who needs to pay fancy people who know how to draw? Doesn't matter! The show is hilarious anyways! That is assuming you have a sick, twisted, or morbid sense of humour. Otherwise change the fucking channel. This show is fucked-up.

Sources: My Memory and kevinspencer.com

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