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The Kickapoo (Isn't it a cute name?) or Landers Fault was discovered following the 1992 Landers Earthquake and is still relatively unknown as of this writing. It is a short (5 km) right-lateral strike-slip fault with an annual slip rate of about 5 mm and connects the Johnson Valley and Homestead Valley faults. It may have been responsible for the 1979 Homestead Valley Earthquake as its epicenter was traced to a point along the surface trace of the Kickapoo Fault. The fault is also thought to be able to produce 4.8 to 5.3 magnitude quakes independntly and 7.3 if in conjunction with other faults as was the case in the Landers Quake.

If anything, the Kickapoo Fault will be remembered for causing the warping of a house that unfortunately happened to be built right on top of it during the Landers Quake.

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