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in a nutshell: a Chicago blues midget. This soul-slingin vocal barbarian is talented, coveted, clothed in fully fledged blues garb from head to toe, a card carrying member of the illuminati, sought after, and about 4 ft. tall. He is the veritable Mugsy Bogues of the blues world, if you will. Amoung other venues, Kid Dynamite can be seen every Saturday night sittin' in with the Chi-Town Hustlers at Kingston Mines blues club. His most noteworthy onstage quirks are:

  1. drinking entire snifters of Hennessey between song lines
  2. throwing himself into several versions of the splits during guitar solos
  3. adding numerous colorfully x-rated little stanzas to the song, "Strokin"
  4. dressing his 21 year old rap influenced son in ridiculously colored suits to match his own and inviting him on stage to sit in, much to the dismay of anyone who has heard his son sing before

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