Kid Icarus is hailed as one of the best NES games, which is remarkable considering it was among the first generation. It is loved by most who have met it, and gamers have been crying out for Nintendo to do a 64 bit update. The plot was simple; you controlled a young angel trying to rescue some girl. Let's face it, the story wasn't important to this game. What was important was the gameplay, which this game simply oozed. You started out with a small bow, climbing a series of platforms up into the sky. Death came easy in Kid Icarus. But as you progressed through the game you got powerups which made the game always seem fresh. Also, the dungeon levels wherein you had to map out a large dungeon and complete a series of tasks to finally reach the boss of the dungeon were painfully classic. Probably the most remembered enemies were the eggplant wizards, who would be found in the dungeon levels, throwing eggplants at the young hero. If you were hit by one of these missiles, your entire upper body was transformed into an eggplant rendering you helpless to defend yourself until you found a hospital room where you could be restored. The music was classic, the graphics were well done, and the gameplay was addictive. This game is still very enjoyable for anyone looking for a rewarding platformer!

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Composed by Hip Tanaka
Tabbed by Me

Kid Icarus Level One Theme

Please note the non-standard tuning. Thank you.

Riff A x 10

   | 3 | q  | 3 | q
G |--------------------|
D |o------------------o|
A |o------------------o|

Riff B x 2
                       q  | 3 |  q  | 3 |    q  | 3 |  q  | 3 |	
G |------------------|---------------------|---------------------|
D |6---6--5---4---3--|---------------------|---------------------|
A |------------------|---------------------|---------------------|

Riff C x 1

G |-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-------------------|
D |-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-------------------|
A |-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-------------------|

Riff D

G |----------------|----------------|
D |----------------|----------------|
A |----------------|----------------|

G |-------------------|-------------------|
D |-------------------|-------------------|
A |4--4-4-4--4--4-4-4-|3--3-3-3--3--3-3-3-|

G |----------------|
D |----------------|
A |2---3---4---5---|

   q   q   | 3 |  q
G |--------------------|
D |--------------------|
A |--------------------|

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