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Kiddy is a former special detective of the Neo-Tokyo Police force, and a member of the AMP in the Silent Mobius anime and manga series. She uses her superhuman strength and speed to combat demons called the Lucifer Hawks. As a human outwardly, she is able to surprise the Lucifer Hawks - how could a human have such power?

As the result of losing her limbs to a killer megadyne or cyborg called Wire, she received a combat-graft replacing 70% of her body with bionic parts. She fights Wire during the series but unfortunately for her she does not get to kill him herself - a lucky (or unlucky) bolt of lightning fries him while he holds a metal pole in the air (Ouch!). However she learns to live with her body, rather than hate it, as it can protect those that she loves and cares for.

At first Kiddy is best known for her fierce nature and not her sensitive side. But as the series progresses, we see that she has a feminine side. She has forgotten simple things like dating and wearing make-up. Love is certainly far from her mind. But at the beginning of the series she meets (and fights with) one of the police officers from another Police department, Ralph Bombers. During her final encounter with Wire, he nearly kills himself by protcting her, earning her respect and love. Over time her desire to have a long-term relationship with Ralph becomes apparent, despite the high possibility that one of them might die.

Towards the end of the series, Kiddy helps free Katsumi Liqueur from the control of the demon sword Medium, by letting possessed Katsumi kill her. She is willing to die to free her friend but fortunately her bionics kick in and keep her in stasis. Ralph is left to decide whether to let her stay as she is, or have an operation which result in her being over 90% cyborg. He decides she would want to be able to fight alongside the other AMP members in the final fight with Nemisis, so he agrees to the operation. After the last battle, the two are married and the story ends there.

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