As a kid I had no concept of time, and I don’t think most kids do. For one thing, as a kid I could not read a mechanical clock. In fact, that lasted until into middle school. Pathetic, in hind sight.

But even with a digital clock handy, kids just don’t know 15 minutes from 6 hours. This is even more apparent when they get really excited about something... there is no limit on how many times they will ask you the time.

Which reminds me, even when you tell the kid it is now 8:15, and the movie starts at 9 o’clock, they still have no idea how long they have to wait. ”How many 15 minuteses is that?” I’ve been asked.

But I’m not a grouchy old bastard. We were all there at one time or another.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise.

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