Kiefer Sutherland was born in London England on December 21st, 1966 to parents Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas. The former is a well known actor, and the latter the daughter of a politician, as well as a Canadian actress. After their divorce in 1971, he moved from Los Angeles to Toronto with his mother and twin sister Rachel.

Impressed with his mother's performance in Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Kiefer started playing parts in stage productions, quickly acquiring the lead role in the movie The Bay Boy, which earned him a Canadian Genie Award nomination. He went back and forth between New York and Canada, trying to get parts in movies. At the age of 17, he finally got a job in a jeans commercial that paid for a car and a trip back to California, sleeping in the car to save money.

Kiefer got a role in the Stephen Spielberg television series Amazing Stories, which got him in the public eye, later that year appearing in Stand by Me, which earned respect for his talent.

At the age of 20, Kiefer Sutherland married actress Camelia Kath, 12 years his senior, with whom he had a daughter (Sarah Jude) in 1988. This marriage failed (have you ever heard of a celebrity marriage working?), resulting in a relationship with Julia Roberts, who left him for Kiefer's friend mere days before the wedding. He also married Kelly Winn in 1999, divorcing the next year.

Filmography Sources:

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