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A board game designed by Cheapass Games - in fact, one of their first and best regarded. A clever inversion of the concept behind the classic board game Clue. To quote the Cheapass catalog, "Why do all mystery games start just after all the fun is over?"

In Kill Doctor Lucky, the players are wandering around Doctor Lucky's mansion, as is the Doctor himself. The goal of the game is to catch Lucky alone (that is, out of the line of sight of other players) and kill him, either with a specialized weapon card or with the free "poke in the eye" attack. Other players can play Failure cards to stop you, but the supply of such cards eventually runs out. The result is a surprisingly deep game of bluffing, stalling and manuevering.

Designed by Cheapass principal James Ernest, KDL (as it is often abbreviated) won the Origins Award for Best Abstract Board Game in 1997. It has an expansion set, Kill Doctor Lucky: Craigdarroch, and a sequel, Save Doctor Lucky.

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