A villain published by DC Comics. Killer Croc first appeared in Batman #357 in 1984.

Waylon Jones's mother died giving birth to him in a slum in Florida. Born with a hereditary skin disease that made his skin thick with a reptilian appearance, Waylon was raised by his aunt. Due to his appearance, Waylon was the subject of much rejection, revulsion, and teasing as a child. He soon got in trouble with the law. When Waylon was still a juvenile, he killed a fellow inmate with his bare hands for making fun of him.

When Waylon was release from jail, he traveled all over the country, eventually landing a job as an alligator wrestler at an alligator farm. It was there that Jones was given the name he would go by for years to come" "Killer Croc." When Croc left the alligator farm, he had realized that he could gain power and riches faster as a criminal and struck out on a criminal career. He eventually came to Gotham City, where he attempted to unite the local crime families under his leadership after killing the leader of one of the families, a mobster known as the Squid. Killer Croc gained the support of the familes by pledging to kill Gotham's defender, the Batman. Batman was able to defeat Croc and he was admitted to Arkham Asylum.

Over the years, the Dark Knight and Killer Croc have clashed on a nubmer of occasions. In the DC universe prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Killer Croc was the villain responsible for the deaths of the parents of Jason Todd, the second young man to have the identity of Robin. After the Crisis, both of Jason's parents were killed but by different villains and at different times. Jason's father was a criminal who was killed by Harvey Dent, the madman Two-Face, while Jason's mother was killed along with Jason by an explosion set by the Joker.

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