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A couple of days ago I saw a snake on the front walk. It was slithering left, from the front steps, towards the bushes in front of the garage.

The snake was about 2 feet long, mostly black, with bright yellow rings about every inch. I felt slightly alarmed, and went for the camera, but, by the time I got back, the snake was nowhere to be seen.

Later, I looked up some snake pictures and decided it was most likely a non-venomous King Snake, (not a venomous Coral Snake!). King Snakes are considered an asset to any garden. They are constrictor snakes, and eat mice, rats and other live meat.

This morning, I listened to "O'Neill Outside" on the radio. One of the callers mentioned Georgia State law protects all non-venomous snakes. Killing any non-venomous snake can result in a $1,000 fine, and up to a year in jail. That's good to know.

An hour later, I listened to Walter Reeves "Georgia Gardener", and he mentioned King Snakes, with a link to this picture of one kind of King Snake eating another (I'm thinking, "coincidences!"):

King Snake Cannibal!

I wonder whether I will see the snake again, or whether it slithers farther down the creek.

I hope it stays.

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