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Finnish progressive rock band.

Formed in the late 80's. Members included lead singer and guitarist Petri Walli, bass player Jukka Jylli and drummer Sami Kuoppamäki.

Their first two albums, "Kingston Wall I" and "Kingston Wall II" were released in 1992 and 1993, followed by "Kingston Wall III - Tri-Logy" in 1994. All were released under the band's own record label Trinity. The band broke up soon after the release of the third album.

Walli created a unique style of psychedelic progressive space rock. Kingston Wall's music is quite popular in Finland, particularly among users of psychedelic drugs, but relatively unknown elsewhere. This is regrettable, as it is this noder's opinion that Kingston Wall rules, especially when stoned or tripping.

Kingston Wall was a Finnish rock group that was formed in 1987 by lead singer/guitarist Petri Walli and bass player Jukka Jylli. At first, the trio had Petteri Ståhl on drums, then Timo Joutsimäki. After things didn't work out with Joutsimäki, Walli called Sami Kuoppamäki and got him to join the band. Their psychedelic hard-rock debut album, which was untitled (simply known as "Kingston Wall" - afterwards, in the re-issues, titled as "Kingston Wall I") was released 1992 in Finland under the band's own record label, Trinity - the records were distributed by EMI.

The band's playing was influenced by such groups as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Cream and The Who. Also, the fans of groups such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles and Spirit might feel themselves at home with Kingston Wall's musical soundscapes.

Kingston Wall is often thought as a 1960's/1970's influenced hippie-rock group of the 90's, but it's not the complete picture. The band used to play and jam cover songs at their gigs varying from Donna Summer's disco hit I Feel Love (available on "Kingston Wall II") to The Prodigy's Out of Space. The band also did a few Jimi Hendrix cover songs - one of them, a redone of the classic tune "Fire" was included in their debut album.

After albums "II" (1993) and techno-influenced "III - Tri-Logy" (1994) the band split up due to Walli's decision. The group members head out separate ways and sadly, as Walli committed suicide on June 28, 1995, Kingston Wall came to an end.

The original Trinity copies of the trilogy (and the four singles) are long-ago sold out and are high-priced collectors' items as well. On February 25, 1998, on Walli's 29th birthday (if he had lived), the three Kingston Wall albums were re-released with bonus material in Finland by Zen Garden Records.

As a tribute to Kingston Wall and Pete Walli, on June 2000, a trance remix CD "Kingston Wall - Freakout Remixes" was released. It contained psychedelic trance remixes of classic Kingston Wall songs made by top-notch Finnish underground trance artists, such as Texas Faggott, Squaremeat, Possible Apple and Accu. Kingston Wall's influences to the Finnish underground culture are undeniable and the band's music is appreciated both in the Finnish rock scene as in the techno scene also.

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http://mirrorland.goa-head.org/ (Official Kingston Wall website)

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