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A novel by Alain de Botton. It takes the form of an biography that one seemingly unremarkable person is writing about his seemingly unremarkable girlfriend. Of course, it does not focus on the great deeds or historic occasions of the subject's life (after all, the book is about someone we've never heard about), by takes on the task of describing how we may know another person through their personal history, their habits, their feelings and suchlike.
In doing so, he creates a fascinating new method of writing a biography and answers some of the great questions of what it means to know another human being.
I will not kiss & tell about:

what you say and how you say it,
I will not describe your eyes/clenched shut
and fists that match

No one will know how your toes/curl up
and hair to match
No one has to hear
how your breath stops. suddenly

I have no secret photos to share, so nobody will know
except for me, and your pillow.

now minus one bite.

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