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Kiss of the Dragon (2001), has been widely acclaimed as Jet Li's best action film since he arrived from Hong Kong, and it's certainly a non-stop kung-fu fest that should keep any affectionado happy.


Jet-Li, the best of the best Chinese cops, is sent to France to help the French police capture narcotics dealers. However, he is framed by the bent French police chief for killing the Chinese ambassador. Add in a crack whore love interest under control of the French police chief, and kung-fu action ensues.

The plot is good enough for you not to get bored, but doesn't get in the way of the main focus of the film, which are the fight scenes. These are wonderfully done, and Jet's use of acupuncture should raise a few eyebrows.


Writing credits: Jet-Li (story). Luc Besson.

Starring Jet-Li, Bridget Fonda and Tchéky Karyo.

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