A road trip game, like "shotgun", this is a superstition that can't be more than fifty years old. The game involves the willful circumvention of red lights and yellow lights at intersections for ulterior motives. As your car passes through any intersection where the light has turned yellow or red, kiss your palm and slap it against the ceiling of the car. This supposedly grants the kisser 15 minutes of good sex added on to their lifelong balance for each yellow light, and an hour for each red light. Some other nitpicky rules about how to gain minutes:
  • You get credit for the last color light you saw before the slap--you can kiss when the light turns yellow, but if you wait until you see red to slap the ceiling, you can get the extra credit.
  • All passengers are separately eligible, and each passenger is separately responsible, for his or her own sex life--no minutes by proxy, and no distributed minutes. If you kiss off on a light, you get some. If you don't, no nookie.
  • Once the car has passed under or around the light, no kisses or slaps will be valid.
  • In a convertible with the top down, passengers in the back seat may turn around and slap the folded up roof of the car; passengers in the front seat may slap the top edge of the windshield.
  • A monogamous couple who are riding in the same car may, by mutual agreement, pool their minutes, effectively doubling the benefits if both parties kiss off on the same light. This is the only exception to the second rule above.
  • Credit will only be given for right turns on red (left on red in the UK, Oz, Japan, etc.) where specifically prohibited by a sign. None will be given for running a flashing red, a flashing yellow, or a stop sign.

As in most driving games, the driver will be the sole arbiter of disputes. As with any superstition, your mileage may vary. You may also notice that I have posted nothing about how to collect on your minutes; this is deliberate. The only rule that I've ever heard everyone agree on is that "good sex", in this case, is defined as "with one or more people other than oneself."

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