Act II, Section Nine of An American Book of the Dead - The Game Show. . .

Act II, Sect. 8

. . . . (Lights out on everything.

Lights up on the game show. Blink and the Spokesmodels wander around the rubble of the Bardo Wheel, and inspect the now empty isolation booths.)

HOST: Uh, Don?

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, Blink.

HOST: They're gone.

ANNOUNCER: That's right, Blink. It turns out that the Bardo of Louie Prima and Keely Smith with Sam Butera and the Witnesses playing the Sahara Lounge in Las Vegas, 1955 is a karmic escape hatch of redemption from the game show. Who knew?

HOST: So what? They're alive now?

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, something like that.

HOST: We never actually killed 'em, did we?

ANNOUNCER: Apparently not.

HOST: Holy frijoles.

ANNOUNCER: You can say that again.

HOST: Holy fri-- ...Yeah.

(Blink looks out and notices the audience.)

HOST: So that means...

ANNOUNCER: That's right, Blink.

HOST (to the audience): Folks, uh... I got some uh...real awkward news for ya. Apparently you're not... actually... dead, being as... apparently we didn't... actually... kill you.

Sorry.... Are you shocked?... Well, I got more news for ya, there ain't actually a Santy Claus either.

SPOKESMODEL 1: Or a Boogie Man.

SPOKESMODEL 2: Or a single gunman

HOST: Or a great gray sadist in the sky.

SPOKESMODEL 1: Or a just and equitable distribution of wealth.

SPOKESMODEL 2: Or an impartial judiciary.

HOST: Or a worldwide conspiracy.

SPOKESMODEL 1: Or an unselfish act.

SPOKESMODEL 2: Or any enlightenment to be attained.

SPOKESMODEL 1: Or any end to attainment.

HOST: We don't exist.

SPOKESMODEL 1: Asterisk.

HOST: Never have.


HOST: Never will.

SPOKESMODEL 1: Questions of existence are beyond the purvey of this gameshow.

SPOKESMODEL 2: Any speculation of existence and/or non-existence is purely for entertainment purposes only.

HOST: Good night!

(Blink and the Spokesmodels do a big kiss-wave goodbye.

Grand curtain call with confetti and flashing lights, then exeunt all and fade to black.)

End of Play

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