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Romantic commedy from 1998.
This is the story of two childhood friends, one a very self involved sports commentator (Max Abbitt, played by David Schwimmer). The other one is a very sensitive writer (Jay, played by Jason Lee), whose heart was broken when his girlfriend left him. When Jay set up Max with his new sexy editor (Samantha, played by Mili Avital)they hit it off right away. But down the road Max gets paranoid, he needs to test Samantha, to see if she would cheat on him. Who better to do this but his best friend, Jay?

Kissing a Fool is a very enjoyable flick, with great leads, and a love story not 100% by the book.


Max: This is not a toothpick, okay? It's an Australian chewing stick. See, I know other countries in Europe!


Directed by
Doug Ellin

Writing credits
James Frey

David Schwimmer .... Max Abbitt
Jason Lee .... Jay Murphy
Mili Avital .... Samantha Andrews
Bonnie Hunt .... Linda Streicher
Vanessa Angel .... Natasha
Kari Wuhrer .... Dara
Frank Medrano .... Cliff Randal
Bitty Schram .... Vicki Pelam
Judy Greer .... Andrea

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