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Klamath, California is an unincorporated town located in Del Norte County, California at the mouth of the Klamath River. The current population is around 800 people. The town is located entirely on the Yurok reservation, and contains the tribal headquarters, as well as a tribal museum. About half of the residents of the town are Native American.

Like many towns along the northern stretch of US Highway 101, it is in a beautiful natural setting, next to mountains, the Klamath River, and the Pacific Ocean, but also has the disadvantage of being far from even basic services. The closest towns to Klamath are Crescent City, 20 miles to the north, and Orick, 20 miles to the south.

Also, despite the similarity in name and being along the same river, Klamath is far from Klamath Falls, Oregon, which is across two mountain ranges, in a different state, in a desert and not the ocean, and at least four very long hours away.

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