Klaus Barbie (the Butcher of Lyon), 1913 - 1991

A sadistic Gestapo officer, bearing little or no resemble to the Barbie doll from Mattel. He is believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths, mostly Jews and members of the French Resistance.

Of his most foul deeds were the torture and eventual killing of Jean Moulin, a high ranking member of the French Resistance and the arrest of 44 Jewish children and 7 adults from the Izieu children's home, who were sent to death camp Birkenau.

After WWII he was recruited by the US government as a spy, infiltrating the German Communist Party. Yes kids, we're still talking about the sadistic rapist, torturer and murderer of children.

Under the protection of the US, he escaped to Bolivia with his family in 1955, where he lived under the name Klaus Altmann, working as a torturer under various Latin American dictatorships until 1983, where he was deported to France and sentenced to to life imprisonment in 1987. Unfortunately, he was never tortured or raped himself and died in prison in 1991.

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