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A fast-paced, well-detailed First-Person Shooter game that builds well on the diverse Star Trek Universe. It was developed by Microprose using the Unreal game engine and released in October 1998.

In the game, you play a member of the elite Klingon Honor Guard and you are called on to investigate an assasination attempt on Klingon Chancellor Gowron. Together with Commander Kurn, played by veteran stage actor Tony Todd, you travel from one location to another. However, in the process of your mission, you slowly reveal a sinister plot, one that puts you and the rest of the Honor Guard in extreme danger.

Your enemies hail from all ends of the Alpha Quadrant, from the brutal Andorians, to the deadly Nausicaans and Letheans. Together with over twenty "maps" to explore including the icy prison planet Rura Penthe (seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country) and a Klingon Bird of Prey, "trekkies" will feel right at home.

Klingon fans in particular will enjoy the hand-to-hand combat feature which includes the use of the d'k tahg knife and the two-handed bat'leth sword. Few other FPS games encompass melee weapons and this relatively unique feature adds depth to an already engaging game.

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