A comic about the misadventures of group of gamers and role players known as the Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT for short).

The comic started off in March of 1990 as filler material for Shadis, a magazine put out by Jolly R. Blackburn. Though the strip was put in as an afterthought by Blackburn (and was somewhat crudely drawn), readers of Shadis took an instant liking to it. Since then, KoDT has expanded drastically, and can now be found in the pages of TSRs Dragon Magazine, as well as its own monthly comic.

You can see some samples of the Knighs in action at: KoDT was by bought by Kenzer & Company ( http://www.kenzerco.com/ ) on December 9 of 1996.

Knights of the Dinner Table, aka KoDT is probably the funniest comic on role-playing out there. Written by Jolly Blackburn and published by Kenzer and Company, this monthly title details the exploits of a group of stereotypical role-players on Garweeze Wurld. It has also been published in Shadis and Dragon Magazine.

The comic is extremely badly drawn, most panels look very similar, but the humor is in the texts, not the pictures. The characters are a group with every kind of role player out there, overdrawn to an extreme, and so ever gamer will know someone who is a bit like one of the players. The game they play is called Hackmaster, a game more like first edition AD&D than Rolemaster, and has actually been published by Kenzer.

The players are:

B.A. Felton: The GM, desperately trying to get the player to follow his intricately detailed plotlines, mostly in vain, so he settles for screwing with them instead (Although they always deserve what they get...).
Somebody shoot me!
What have I done...?
Snort! Cackle! Hee Hee Haw, if you could see the look on your faces...

Bob Herzog: The Hack-and-Slayer. Mostly not interested in plot, he thrives on battle. He is also very superstitious about his dice, having a die for every occasion, not letting other people touch his dice, etc.
I waste him with my crossbow!
Well, try me, Monkey-Boy!
I can't believe I rolled _that_ die again!

Dave Bozwell: Always a bit of a tag along, he usually fails to come up with ideas of himself, and usually follows Bobs lead. He is actually a bit of a munchkin gamer, relying heavily on his gadgets, such as his Hackmaster +12.
Me too!
I want to hear the lamentations of their women and children as I drive them before me.

Sara Felton: B.A.'s cousin. She is a real role player, hung up on character development and playing out scenes to the fullest. Instead of min-maxing everything, she actually considers what her characters would do, which leads to conflicts with the rest of the group from time to time. But she usually plays along with the groups style.
*Sigh* I guess, I'll take the gold we stole and store it in the saddle bags!

Brian van Hoose: He is the rules lawyer of the cast. He actually knows every page of the rulebooks by heart, including all foreign editions. His main character, Teflon Billy, was made almost invulnerable by his arguing skills. He once handed B.A. a preformulated 15-page wish which he had checked with his lawyer beforehand to attain godhood.
Fireball coming online here!
Loopholes in the rules (Translation errors as well) are like special quests that reward those willing to delve into them!

There is also a host of other irregular charaters, such as the late Gary Jackson (developer of Hackmaster and owner of Hard 8 Enterprises), "Weird" Pete Ashton (owner of local FLGS), the Black Hands Gang (other gaming group) and many more.

There also is an online version available at Kenzer`s official homepage:

Hoody Hoo! and Game on!

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