The Konix Multi System was a 32-bit console system developed in the late Eighties by peripheral manufacturer Konix. It was based around an Intel 8086 processor, and stored games on 3.5" floppy disk. The console itself housed a steering wheel controller which could be reconfigured as a flight yoke or a set of bike handlebars. There were also some kind of throttle and rudder pedals. This base unit could also be mounted on a large pneumatic chair (complete with an integral stand for a TV or monitor, and a seatbelt).

A lightgun (which was similar to the Sega Menacer gun, and had recoil) and a helicopter-style joystick were also planned. For more conventional games, a Konix Speedking joystick (and presumably any Amiga/ST stick) could be plugged in.

The machine was never released due to financial difficulties (and the fact that it was clearly commercially unviable - presumably Konix were thinking along the lines of a 'prestige' system like the Neo Geo). The multi-purpose steering control was later salvaged by another company and sold as a controller for other platforms. No-one, to my knowledge, ever brought a successful pneumatic chair to the home market, which is a shame.

Games developed (or planned) for the ill-fated system included an un-named Hang On clone by Argonaut, Mutant Camels '89 by Jeff Minter/Llamasoft, Mr. Do's Wild Ride, Hammer Fist, Last Ninja II and Star Ray.

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