A Kopje. A Koppie is a hill. A mesa or butte. An inselberg.

A Koppie is a hillock of the kind found in the Karoo in South Africa, and I suppose, in other arid or semi-arid regions. Characteristically it rises from a relatively flat plain, has steep sides and a flat or slightly rounded top. it is more like a small mesa than a round, rolling hill.

A Koppie forms form the weathering of a bornhardt. That is, it is remnant of volcanic rock exposed by erosion of surrounding softer material.

Though Koppie is technically an Afrikaans word, it is used in most South African languages, including as a loan word in English. In old texts and in other parts of the world it is also spelled the Dutch way, as Kopje. The derivation is from the diminutive form of kop, the word for "head" or "hill".

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