A British Rock Group, consisting of Their music is very interesting: a "retro" Indian Rock type malarkey. Sometimes I think Kula Shaker was meant to be a 60's band, but somehow they managed to pop up here in the 90's. Their debut album, K was dedicated to "A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami and the Omnipotent & Omniscience Governor".

The group even espoused the 60's hippie philosophy of "peace and love". Inevitably, the comparisons to The Beatles and George Harrison were drawn. Kula Shaker had elements of The Beatles in their music, but they don't openly try to emulate them, like Oasis. Kula Shaker, all of them, had adopted Indian music in full, whereas only George Harrison of The Beatles made any real serious attempt at Indian music.

The group split in September 1999.

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