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A spicy, flavourful and hearty accompaniment to your evening meal



    With a stiff vegetable brush, thouroughly clean the kumeras, and nip their tips. Set them in a shallow baking dish which has 1mm of olive oil spread inside. Roll the kumeras around to lightly coat in oil, and sprinkle a little coarse black pepper onto them. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 centigrade for 35 mins.

    At the 25 minute mark, toss your peeled garlic cloves and pine nuts into the pan. When baked, remove from oven and allow to cool in the pan.

    When cool, slice the kumeras down their middles and then into wedges (25mm x 10mm is a good bite size). Try to keep some golden roast skin on each piece.

    Set the kumera wedges in a large mixing bowl. Half-crush the roast garlic cloves and mix in with the kumera, the pine nuts, and the washed raw baby spinach leaves.

    Heat the sweet chilli sauce in a microwave on medium for 1 minute (this allows the sauce to flow easily). Liberally pour over the ingredients in the bowl, along with the residual olive oil from the baking pan.

    Mix gently and dress with more coarse ground pepper and a little rock salt.

    Serve when cool.

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