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I am Kurgan. Warrior eternal. I have carved my name in the flesh of Venetian princes, raped the daughters of Attila the Hun, and set ablaze the seven hills of Rome.

The Kurgan is the memorable badass from Highlander, played by Clancy Brown. According to Ramirez:

The Kurgans were an ancient people from the steppes of Russia. For amusement, they tossed children into pits with hungry dogs to fight for meat.

The Kurgan's first appearance in Highlander is suitably spooky. He rides a black steed and a menacing costume, before battling the MacLeods. He proceeds to 'kill' Connor MacLeod, but he does not behead him as he is stopped by Connor's fellows. Later in the movie he takes Ramirez's head and some more before the Gathering.

The last duel, versus Conner MacLeod sees his huge two-handed sword (in an easy assembly-kit) versus MacLeod's katana. As in common Hollywood movies, you can easily guess the ending.

I have always thought that rather than shooting the awful sequels to a great movie like Highlander, they could have filmed a movie about the Kurgan, a truly interesting character.

sources: Highlander movie script and the movie itself

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