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Developer: Sega
Type: Arcade game
Genre: Shooter
Released: 1999
Players: 2
Controls: Optical guns (2)
Description: Second greatest arcade game in existence, quite on the heels of Crisis Zone. While Crisis Zone is only a single-player game, LA Machine Guns is best played with a friend. You and your buddy stand on a platform that houses the sub and both of you take hold of one of the rather large, almost bulky (yet very cool) light guns that are side-by-side. Now, these guns are not ordinary arcade light guns. They're positional, which mean they stay put, but you can point the gun in whichever direction you want (as long as it's forward)--they're best utilized when you use both of your hands. The thing that makes them extraordinary is their force feedback. These things kick like rabid mules (20x per second), and if you get too excited and grab the gun too firmly, you'll feel the vibrations throughout your body. Not only that, but you can really feel the explosions thanks to the subs under your feet. All of these hardware features combined create a very involved and pleasurable experience.

About the game itself. You're a Los Angeles cop who rides a hover bike with a Big Fucking (Machine) Gun. It's the year 2025, and a group of android terrorists have taken over LA. Naturally, your job is to destroy them using your cat-like reflexes with the help of that sw33t machine gun. Unlimited ammo, no reloading, just good ol' fashion ass-kickin'. Well, almost. Since you're in a city (a rather large one at that), you're going to have to avoid firing on the civilians that are running around. Negative points are rewarded to those who decide the civilians aren't worthy. The robots running around toss missiles (which you can shoot down) and exchange fire with you (not often hitting you--unless you're careless enough). They're not easy to take out since they have a couple layers of armor... head shots are needed to dispose of them quickly enough to avoid retaliation. Pretty much all of the enemies are well-designed and even down right cool, especially the bosses (the variety of them is excellent). Graphics are beautiful, considering how much the computer has to render, including the awesome 3D explosions. If your local arcade has this game, definitely try it out.


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