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Acronym for Library Catalog and Retrieval System. Computer system used by the Star Trek television and movie series.

The Star Trek uber-OS. Runs on top of the Optical Data Network, or ODN (think 1000bFX or Fibre Channel). It has a very cool UI that is probably an Ergonomists nightmare. We wish LCARS was real but there is no way it can be:

  • In the Star trek universe, software plarform independance just seems natural, as does file formats. XML never worked this well.
  • The Federation ships seem to use the same networking and communcation protocols as the Romulans.
  • Unicode support is standard and actually works, it seems, probably to support the 80000+ characters in the Breen language.
  • Never any slow screen refreshes or swap file paging.
  • No shareware nag screens.
  • No banner ads.
  • The LCARS kernel never needs to be recompiled. Hell, I'm not even sure LCARS has a kernel.

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