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La Mala Rodríguez is an amazing rapper, born Maria Rodriguez in Sevilla (Spain) in 1978. Her recordings include three E.P.: “Toma la traca”, “A Jierro” and “Yo marco el minuto/Tambalea” and her first album “Me suelto la melena”.

What has a spanish rapper to offer in a saturated hip hop market? She’s real, she sings with her andaluz accent, with a nerve and strength that reminds me of the flamenco singers.

Musically, she’s been accompanied by other members of the hip hop scene in Spain, like El Club de Los Poetas Violentos, +Graves, Jotamayúscula or Supernafamacho. The basis and rythms are absolutely astounding, but in the end is her voice and rage that caughts you.

If you are onto hip hop and want to discover something new and powerful, just make a search on Napster for one of these songs:

  • Con Los Ojos De Engaño
  • Tengo Un Trato
  • Lujo Ibérico
  • ...
You won't be dissapointed, 'cos this is Africa!

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