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Sooner or later all this New Age "warrior" crapola will find its way into Macy's. You know it as well as I do. And radical lesbian separatist drum circles too, if there are such things. "Radical chic" and all that. This stuff is heading for the suburbs and it'll be in Wal-Mart not long after.


Well, maybe. You can't rule it out. I'll sure as hell take a flyer on it.

So I was in a bookstore just now looking for Volume I of Martin Heidegger's commentary on Nietzsche1 (they only had III and IV, so I got Mencken's commentary instead). Now, this is in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- the People's Republic of Cambridge -- and I thought how much fun it would be to tell DMan, god rest his evil soul, that all bookstores here were required by law to devote 50% of their shelf space to Women's Studies. Ha! He'd see through it in about five seconds, but those'd be five glorious seconds, I'm telling you. It's a good riff, isn't it?2 I'll have to get his address, I miss him. In a way.

Well. The point of all this is that a very profound realization came to me, which is that domain name squatting is not dead, certainly not with something that nobody's trademarked yet. Least of all something that I'm about to trademark myself. LadyWarrior.com is mine, I just finished up at Network Solutions. Two years, baby, all mine.

LadyWarrior™ Clothing: A New Age of Fashion! Assault Your Workday!

The LadyWarrior™ Shaver: Take Unsightly Armpit Hair by Storm!

LadyWarrior™ Deodorant: For the Warrior in You!

And so on and on: Desk calendars, LadyWarrior™ Magazine, whatever the hell else women pay money for. I don't know. I'll hire a chick to tell me.

I'm gonna be rich. This rules.

1sensei put me up to it, I swear to God.

2For the benefit of some of our more politically aware readers, I'm making it up. It's not really true.

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