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A small town in northern Illinois, on the northwest fringe of Chicagoland, with it's main commercial district centered on the junction of Ill. RT 62 and Randall Rd.

It's a town currently characterized by its rabid suburban sprawl, qualifying it to appear on the top ten list of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with several new residential areas sprouting from barren farmland within the last five years. To cater to these new consumers corporations have eagerly provided two new grocery stores, three hardware stores, a movie theater, two gas stations, seven fast food restaurants, two video stores, a coffee shop, a bank, a toy store, and a cornucopia of other miscellanous businesses in the immediate vicinity of one intersection. (Most of them established around 1997 or shortly after.)

As for history, the name says something about the ingenuity of the people who established the town, as it does indeed have a lake nestled in the hills of its original residential district, characterized by prefab housing of a slightly different flavor than the new pop-up houses gracing the new areas.

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