NFL football term for when Green Bay Packers football players jump into the first row of the stands at Lambeau Field to celebrate a touchdown with their fans. Players are mobbed by fans, and congratulated/patted/groped/etc. for a few seconds before returning to the field.

Packers safety LeRoy Butler generally gets credit for "inventing" the Lambeau Leap in 1993, when he scored a touchdown on a fumble return against the Los Angeles Raiders and went to the fans and leapt into the first row.

As defensive players don't score much, the celebratory move was popularized by Packers wide receiver Robert Brooks in the mid '90s. Ever since, it's become common for scoring Packers players to jump into the first row and be with their fans. This is often especially amusing when it's a 300-pound defensive end.

Other teams have copied the Lambeau Leap. Just yesterday, I saw the Minnesota Vikings's Daunte Culpepper jump into the a game AGAINST the Packers. It's a great form of celebration, in that it helps bring the players close to their fans (literally).

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