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UK based trance producer. Made famous for his huge floor-filling remixes which struck a note perfectly with what was happening in the clubs at the time.

His most notable remixes are:

Dumonde - Tomorrow - VC recordings
Atlantis Vs Avatar - Fiji - Inferno
SPX - Straight To The Point - Hook Records
DJ Sakin & Friends - Stay - Positiva
Z2 - I Want You - Platipus
Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy - Parlophone
Smudge & Smith - Near Me - Perfect World
Faithless - Why Go - Cheeky
Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday - Xtravaganza
Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising - Ministry Of Sound
Rhythm Of Life - You Put Me In Heaven - Xtravaganza
The Morrighan - Remember - Serious
Spacebrothers - Heaven Will Come - Manifesto
DJ Sakin & Friends - Nomansland - Positiva
Pulp Victim - The World '99 - NEO
Friends Of Matthew - Out There - Serious
Boccaccio Life - Secret Wish - Neo
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening - Ministry Of Sound
DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind - Positiva
Golden Delicious - Ascension - Serious
Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - Dreaming - Inferno Records
DJ Quicksilver - Timerider - Positiva
Babe Instinct - Disco Babes From Outer Space - Positiva
Marc et Claude - La - Additive Records

and he's had further hits as SuReaL with "You Take My Breath Away", used on a film, Kevin And Perry Go Large, starring Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke, and "I Believe" by Lange, which gave me what I can only describe as a religious experience when I heard it on the dancefloor at Gatecrasher. Lange also DJs around the world.

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