Lano and Woodley are a comedy duo from Melbourne, Australia. They have travelled mostly to the U.K and around Australia during comedy festivals. The duo consists of Colin Lane and Frank Woodley. They have been together since 1987. In 1994 they went to Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and won the Perrier Award. In 1996 they wrote a book called ‘Housemeeting’, it basically consists of little scripts that as a whole could make a story. Some of the little scripts were later used in 1997 when a six episode series called ‘The Adventures of Lano & Woodley’ was screened across Australian televisions and eventually in the U.K. The series is based around following the duo in their daily lives, but not their real lives, they act like two silly boys. They went on to write a second series consisting of seven episodes. Not much is known about them, they are very private.

This site is the only site so far that is updated and is totally devoted to all things Lano & Woodley. You can buy the first season of their TV Series, their book, T-shirts and even Frank’s HAT . It is not the official site but it is the closest thing to it. It was developed by a friend of mine called Gary who gets his information from Michelle Wild Management, Lano & Woodley’s management company. He even gets to meet Colin and Frank and interview them.

I know little bits of information about them like how Colin grew up in my area/suburb and that his parents still live around here. Frank is married but I don’t think he has any children, however Colin is not marred but Gary saw his girlfriend was pregnant when he got to interview them last for the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Colin also graduated from Deakin University, Rusden Campus, where another friend of mine goes. I got to hug Frank after a show they performed, I saw him on the street and said thank you for personally signing my book backstage, he remembered my name, made us laugh, and let me hug him. Currently they were rumoured to be writing a script for a movie, but nothing has been heard of this rumour in a long time. I know that for most of this year they have been touring around Australia.

Their book is very funny, almost as funny as watching them live. Here is the blurb at the back..

Colin: It’s no good Frank. I can’t live with you any more. You’re lazy, egocentric, stupid, whingeing, pestering, inconsiderate, greedy, filthy, slobby, useless, unmotivated, sooky, moody, rude, arrogant, depressed, unreliable, dishonest, conniving, dependent, loud, obsessive, weak-willed, pathetic and deluded. You don’t listen, you never learn, you don’t clean up, you only ever think about yourself. You’re a complete megalomaniac.

Frank: …… I can change.

The book not only has the script but it also has sketches drawn by Frank that were ideas, some used in the series.

At the beginning of the book, Colin describes the duo…

Frank Woodley was born into a family of travelling vaudevillians. His father’s drag act was hugely popular and to this day he’s not sure which one of his parents is his mum and which one is his dad.

What can you say about Colin Lane? A genius of epic proportions, he acts, he writes, he directs, he produces. He is a philanthropist, a raconteur, a visionary. He is a spunky man also. I love him, I adore him ……… I am him.

All I can say is that I feel sorry for the people who do not have the pleasure of witnessing how great these two guys are...... is there any way that this node can get more attention?

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