She spoke to me once in the midst of a delusional dream. I think she wanted me to buy her a Fresca at a fruit stand. Oh, yeah, we were in the jungle somewhere and she had khaki shorts on.

Being born on March 24, 1970 in Davenport, Iowa didn't seem to be the fast track for actress Lara Flynn Boyle, but by the age of 15 she was appearing in the ABC miniseries "Amerika" as Robert Urich's daughter. Well, the Iowa thing is a bit misleading. Boyle was raised in Chicago and spent time at Loyola University for assistance in dealing with a reading disorder. Her desire to find another outlet for expression lead her to a workshop for improvisational actors which in turn lead her into a scholarship to the Chicago Academy, which was a high school devoted to the performing arts (a kind of real life Fame).

Her role as Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks launched her career. She would play Wayne's psychotic girlfriend Stacy in Wayne's World and Suzanne, a mildly classic femme fatale in Red Rock West, both in 1992.

The characters she has portrayed always seemed to have a quirky, at least slightly "off" quality in the films in which they appeared. After numerous other big screen films, including Threesome, Happiness, The Temp and The Road To Wellville, Boyle returned to television in the personage of a relatively mild (from the quirky perspective) lawyer on The Practice.

Boyle has been linked romatically with a rather broad spectrum of men. Her tastes roamed the complete spectrum, from David Spade to Jack Nicholson.

Oh, and she is most proud of her pink '57 Oldsmobile and collectable clothes she garnered from her hobby of antique shopping.

Material researched in part from and forty-two other spotty and unpredicable sites from New Zealand to Maine.

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