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The Lasombra are a Clan of Vampires from Vampire: The Masquerade

Almost all Lasombra are members of the Sabbat. The Lasombra are the clan that posseses the most power in the sabbat. They are famed for their manipulative power, and resourcefulness. Clan Disciplines:

No Lasombra causes a reflection in a mirror. It is as if they weren't there. The cause of this weakness is unknown, but it is assumed to be due to a curse from Caine.

Organisation and Customs
The Lasombra do not have a particularly strict organisation within the clan itself, but many members occupy positions of power within the Sabbat, such as Bishop, Archbishop or Cardinal. Pack Priest is an uncommon position amongst Lasombra, being held most often by Tzimisce or Toreador Antitribu Despite the vast amount of power that they hold, a Lasombra does not occupy the position of Regent at the moment.

Judicial matters within the clan are handled by organisations known as the Courts of Blood. These are presided over by members of an elite group within the Lasombra known as the "Les Amis Noirs", which translates as The Friends of the Night. They form small gatherings to discuss local clan issues. Most Lasombra are invited to join the Friends after about 100 years of unlife.

Within the Clan, there are some informal philosophical subdivisions, many of which have theories pertaining to the Abyss, from which the shadowy power of Obtenebration is drawn. On the whole, the Lasombra consider themselves to be very knowlegable, and in control. Other clans often consider the Lasombra to be rather overconfident, and as knowing far less than they would claim. There is a small scholarly contingent within the clan, but most Lasombra are more concerned with everyday matters.

There are only a few Lasombra Antitribu within the Camarilla, but they are well respected, and often rise to positions of power. Harpy is a particularly common position for a Lasombra in the Camarilla to occupy. The Antitribu tend not to cluster together, but instead remain in groups of one or two.

The most important event in the clan's history occured in 1483. It was then, in Sicily, that Gratiano, childe of the Lasombra Antediluvian diablerised his sire. This led to the Lasombra bein a clan seemingly without an Antediluvian. The Lasombra were instrumental in the formation of the Sabbat, and possesed the credulity they needed to lead the sect, who's prime aim was to prevent the rule of the Antediluvains. Untin 1999, the only other clan with the same claim was the Tzimisce.

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