Last Measure is the ultimate shock site.


Combining JavaScript mouse-overs with every internet shock image known to man, causing a flurry of moving popups and the "GAY PORNO" voiceover from DMS100, it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Oh my god, what the fuck is that? She's crapping all over him!

Last Measure's main attraction is a girl with shit on her face. (For some reason, everyone refers to this as 'a disgusting picture' or 'the worst thing i've seen ever', and appear unable to bring themselves to just say it). With a properly-configured web browser, moving your mouse over the image at all, in any attempt to close it, causes the second stage of javascript to take effect

my eyes need bleach or soap or lye or something

At last stock, Last Measure's image set consisted of a picture of a young child with a man's naked ass in the background (with the words 'the fuck what' written in red above the ass), Goatse, tubgirl, penisbird, spin.gif, a naked african-american bodybuilder, a person spreading their ass open with a table clamp, Rustina.jpg, of Kuro5hin fame, lemonparty, and loopback.

i'm going to go puke

This internet atrocity can be found linked from Gaia Online, Slashdot, and Kuro5hin. If you see any links like the following, BEWARE.

I'm sure there will be more links to this phenomenon as it spreads, so check all your links in a text-only browser!

Thank you for reading this message.

Last Measure is a shock site created by members (specifically Penisbird and Rucas) of the Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA), an Internet trolling group. Another troll in the said organization, Goat-see (named after the shock site set up routines to evade pop-up blockers in Last Measure. The main page plays a voice using the Adobe Flash plugin (hey.swf) shouting, "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" at a high volume, while various famous shock site images move around in popup windows, bouncing off the sides of the screen. The voice in previous Last Measure versions was in the file fsckyou.wav.mp3 Last Measure abuses Adobe Flash to make it very hard to leave the website once the victim visits it, short of shutting down the computer or killing the process of the web browser. It spawns pop-up windows indefinitely, effectively making the browser a fork bomb. Previous versions used JavaScript to the same end, but the growing use of pop-up blockers reduced its effectiveness, prompting the switch to Flash scripts. The latest version of Last Measure, called Last Measure Unified, uses mailto links to open a large number of new e-mail message windows in the user's default e-mail program (in most cases Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird). Due to the specifications of the mailto URI scheme, Last Measure isn't able to retrieve contact info from a user's contact list or send any e-mails, however, due to the proliferation of spam bots and the fact that these links are formatted in a way that they spawn several email drafts with the headers To: and Subject: and the body of the e-mail pre-filled, many users are tricked into thinking that Last Measure is actually trying to send e-mails. It also spawns the default WMA handler as well as the default telnet, nntp/news, ed2k, and IRC handlers.

The only way to stop the popups on Windows is to manually close the browser application in the Process List via the Task Manager In many instances this will fail and the browser will respawn or the task manager will be closed. Another option for windows based systems is to press alt-f4 as it will quickly end the process. Mac users can do this, regardless of browser, by pressing Command-Q. It is also problematic to remove in Opera, as that restores sites from the previous session after it has been closed and re-opened, which restarts the process.

Goatse's hello.jpg is set as the page's background picture. At the bottom of the page is "Lastmeasure last measure last-measure nero institute", which is an attempt to get the page listed under Google. The title of the page is "Our lawyer has informed us that we need a warning. So, if you are under the age of 18 or find this offensive, please leave immediately", which is a takeoff on the text on the front page of Goatse. On one of the Last Measure pages (WRT), the text "Like what you see? Got a complaint? Email wrt AT forpresident DOT com." was visible. The page was suspended. The page at Zeikfried has the title "This is my LastMeasure, my FinalHope. Lovez and kissez from Zeikfried~!" The page at axisproductions has a wide, blank image at the bottom of the screen. Below it are the words "If you have a screen larger than this I'll eat my own shit. - this button shit is +1 insightful."


A primitive version of LastMeasure was conceived by Penisbird of the GNAA after playing with an AIM utility named AIM Invader. It offered Penisbird a myriad of ways to crash AIM clients. By far the most powerful crash was the "last measure" crash, which would inundate an AIM client with file transfer requests, buddy list sends, messages full of smileys and colors, until the AIM client crashed due to lack of RAM. The LastMeasure site originally consisted of Penisbird, Goatse, Tubgirl, Lemonparty, and Shitfaced Lady. But has expanded to include many other of the internets treasured icons. And with the addition of StatsMeasure, the clipboard data of thousands of unwitting victims has now been exposed for the world to see.


  • Tubgirl, a picture of a woman spraying fecal matter on her face. (
  • Penisbird, an image of a Scarlet Macaw perched on a man's erect penis. The page contains a note from a Slashdot reader asking that the image be relocated (if not removed) because Slashdot trolls are using hyperlinks to send unsuspecting users there. The page also mentions a crude ASCII art version of the penisbird, which appears from time to time on Slashdot. (
  •'s hello.jpg, a picture of a man stretching his anus. (
  • Lemonparty - a picture of three elderly men lying on a bed naked, engaged in kissing and oral sex. (
  • pillowfight.jpg - a picture of a man's genitals covered in feces.
  • spin.gif, an animated picture of a man wearing a condom having anal sex with another mans anus. The receiving man's penis is spinning in a circle.
  • Loopback.jpg - a picture of a man looping his penis into his anus. (
  • Christmas.jpg, depicts a picture of a man opening his anus with a table clamp. His penis and testicles are also visible.
  • pooped.jpg, a picture of a woman's face with feces on it. (
  • rustina.jpg, depicts Rusty's wife (rusty of Kuro5hin, a popular Slashdot-like site). Her face is photoshopped onto a picture of a naked woman having sex with an African-American man with a large penis.
  • eww.jpg, a picture of a young girl, with two naked people in the background, with one of the people exposing his buttocks. The text "The Fuck What?!" in red is visible, with the man's naked buttocks circled in a red circle.
  • freak.jpg (a picture of a naked African-American female body builder).
  • Some versions contain weightlifter.jpg, a picture of a powerlifter with red trousers suffering from an anal prolapse. The intestine is seen through a hole in his trousers. A Snopes article features the same image.


The original location,, is down, and was retained as a redirect to site. The whois information used to state that the registrant is "Ghey de Sax", living on "16356 Rolloffle Avenue", "Sudbury, Massaschussets".

Previously,'s WHOIS information has stated that the registrant is "Mike Cunt", and that he lives on Goa Tse Dr., South Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The "drive" is a takeoff on and the town refers to "dildo". The registrant name and street address is an obvious fake, although South Dildo does exist.

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