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A popular brand of processed cream cheese, it is sometimes more commonly known by its original French name La Vache Qui Rit (lit: the cow who laughs). They come in flat circular packs containing eight of triangles of the cheese, each individually wrapped in foil, which you unwrap by pulling the little red tags. They are manufactured by a French Company called fromageries bel.

Yes, it was a nodeshell rescue.

Laughing Cow cheese has several main products, actually. Laughing cow products--or at least the cheese wedges are considered vegetarian because they're made with processed enzymes instead of actual rennet. Of course this product is not vegan since it's milk based ^_^

1) The abovementioned cheese spread, eight wedges to a tub. And it is real cheese not a "cheese product". It’s also not really cream cheese, but a soft spreadable cheese. Comes in several flavors, including (of course plain), herbed, onion. Also available in a lite version, at least in the plain. These cheeses are excellent eaten alone or spread on most types of crackers one normally spreads cheese on.

2) a nearly identical product in small cubes. (24 or 30 to a package, I believe.) They're really too small to spread on any but the smallest, daintiest crackers, but are excellent to snack on. I’ve only seen these in plain.

3) mini babybel bonbel cheeses. a semi soft cheese with the slogan "the little cheese that likes to get out" sold wrapped in wax with paper pull-tabs, six to a mesh baggie. they come in yellow and red wax, although I haven't managed to figure out the difference yet. cheese is far too firm to spread, just for snacking. excellent for bag lunches--a yummy cheese, and a toy--the wax!--to boot. I’ve never met anyone under the age of 10 who doesn't open one of these (the red ones at least) and proceed to make a clown nose out of the wax.

4) a newer product, called cheez dippers, which seems like an answer to handi snacks. a little plastic tub of cheese and what appears to be either hard mini-breadsticks, or pretzels. sold in boxes of four packs, and I assume individually. No comments on product, as I’ve never tried these things.

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