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The human eye is drawn to things that stand out.
Really it’s to assess its ability to be a threat but we don’t know that.
That’s why when you look at her face you don’t really look at her face,
You look at the ring in her eyebrow.
Then when you move on you see her eyes.
They are beautiful eyes.
Other people’s eyes are beautiful in their own way but it helps to like them first.
Others have eyes you like even if you hate them.
Then she smiles and you see her eyes.
And deep, deep, down you just know that she’s laughing at you
and you are filled with an almost uncontrollable urge to pat down your hair, check for stains; check your fly and a million other things that might be the reason she’s laughing.

Except you can’t seem to find anything… but she’s still laughing at you.

Maybe she can read your mind.

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