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Verbal communication is extremely inefficient and generic, and is completed by a certain "hunch" participants have about whether they're talking about the same thing or not.

The problem with words is that people have a different emotional understanding of them caused by their personality, mentality, ethnical background and so on.

Individuals tend to understand after a short exchange of words whether they're communicating to someone with a clue by analyzing the relationships between the words their partner "omits" and comparing that set of relationships to their own.

Chemical lack of balance inside the brain causes this talent to blurr, whether caused by a natural state of mind or external factors such as alcohol, weed or virtual mediums.

The Laughter Barrier is a term for emotionally-stopped people who know they understand each other but still are afraid to pick more explicit words to see whether they're right.
They laugh instead.

The reasons for this are vague and numerous. Childhood trauma and being a vastly-different person from the rest of your social enviroment are probable causes.

From what I've noticed, people with this kind of problem often find places like E2 as appropriate instruments of tunneling their frustration out, in hope that someone would "understand" them.

Sort of like those 22 year old virgins who tell everyone in their vicinity of their horrible truth in hope that someone will have pity on them.

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