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A babe-a-licious neo-fascist; hosts a morning show on MSNBC, after a gig at CBS and frequent Imus and talking-head show appearances. As a clerk for Judge Clarence Thomas, founded Women for Thomas, an attempt to help Ginny Thomas wipe out all traces of sympathy for Anita Hill; the group has since become the Independent Women's Forum, a conduit for financing and promoting the careers of the many other telegenic neo-fascists out there. You catch more flies with m^Hhoney, they say.

Laura Ingraham is a media pundit/speechwriter/lawyer. Her first gig was editor of The Dartmouth Review in the 1980's. One of her most famous stunts was the unintended "outing" of a lot of gay Dartmouth students when she and her then boyfriend Dinesh D'Souza secretly recorded and transcribed a meeting of gay student activists. In her defense, conservative students on Dartmouth's campus were being systematically discriminated against by the college administration (more on that here: http://www.dartreview.com/history/index.html) -- so stupidity might be understandable.

After her time at Dartmouth, Ingraham moved on to Washington, D.C. and became a speech writer in the final years of the Regan administration. She then went to law school at the University of Virginia before clerking for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

In the mid-nineties, she became a paid talking head for CBS News weekend edition and a corporate lawyer. Finally during the Clinton scandals she quit her law job and hosted a show on MSNBC. When the scandal died down the show was canceled and Ingraham worked at the IWF (which actually does more than pingouin gives it credit for) and hit the lecture circuit.

Then in 2001 she was signed by Westwood One and hosts a weeknight talkshow on their radio network.

pingouin is right about one thing: she is a babe
some info from: http://lauraingraham.com

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