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Leafnode is a NNTP server/cache system for *NIX.

Unlike INN and relatives, it's intended to be used as a Usenet news server for small sites (possibly with no direct connection to the Internet), such as for dial-up hosts. It has been optimized to work well for, say, 1-10 users' needs.

As such, it's a good answer to every newbie's cry "how do I read news offline in Linux?" =) Just install Leafnode, tell it a few details about your news server, and let it fetch articles. Then close line, point your favorite news reader at localhost, and there you go! =)

(I must point out that it isn't particularly error-tolerant. Often, when it's finished downloading stuff and something strange happens - like, the target host goes down or you've run out of disk space - you need to re-download EVERY article from ALL groups, and of course your .newsrc is out of synch...)

Home page: http://www.leafnode.org/

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