Leanhaun sidhé is the name given to a certain type of faery that makes its appearance in Scotland and Ireland. These faeries are usually female and wish to acquire human male mates, which they are able to do easily because of their beauty (caused by a faery glamour) and their charm. First she will offer herself fully to her victim, and if he is to refuse, she pledges her undying love to him and pesters him for all time, begging for his love. If he is to love her back, she gains power over him and sucks out his energy, and makes him her slave, until he eventually dies. Often Leanhaun sidhé will use magick to beautify ugly young men as well, as a reward for favors, but if the man is to cross her, she will take away the glamour and leave the man ugly. These faeries thrive off of human love and act much like vampires in that they never stop looking for prey.

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