"To fly, " - the hitchhiker's guide says - "all you have to do is learn how to throw yourself to the ground and miss". Only one earthling, Arthur Dent, has learned how to do this properly.

For this you need to find a weird distraction as you are falling, such as finding the suitcase you lost back on earth while you're on another planet thanks to the Heart of Gold's Improbability Drive.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy says that there are clubs on some planets which will teach you to fly by having you jump off of something, and then having startlingly nude beautiful people jump out at you from behind curtains, distracting you so that you forget to hit the ground.

The "LEARN HOW TO FLY" project
{Under Construction}
by: weasello contributions by: n/a

It is, of course, too difficult to explain how to fly in merely one node. Well; ok, it is. Check out the quick start. But if you want to actually learn, it's going to take some time, and a lot of effort.

As such, it's going to take quite some time to get this node finished; hence the "project" in the title. So bear with me as I flesh out these chapters. Anyone who can lend a hand, or any pilots out there, please /msg me and I'll give you some work to do.

I am constructing this node as I learn various chapters, as I myself am training. If my teachers lie to me, and my textbook concurs, I will have to be corrected by people in-the-know. (this means you!)

These flight regulations and rules are based on CANADIAN law. This is not because I hate americans or I think Canada is superior; it is because the Canadian flight license is accepted worldwide, wheras the American flight license is only accepted in the U.S.A. Why is this? Because the American regulations are less strict than other countries, and you don't learn as much in training. As such, a Canadian (Or Australian) license is by far superior and the best to train for. Read up on why a Canadian license is better than most others.

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