Allegedly created by an engineer because his Swiss Army Knife wasn't up to the job as a serious multipurpose tool, the leatherman is a hugely popular toy. Leatherman ownership is generally a pretty good indicator of geek cred (see also geek toys). Primary characteristics: Great pliers, shiny exterior, great density and an array of appendages whose sharpness can only be hinted at by the phrase, "really, really sharp". Popular with sysadmins (see also lart).

Leathermans are actually manufactured outside of Portland, OR. At their factory you can gaze upon a giant (Golden Gate Bridge Cable Cutting Size) Leatherman. Tip. If you leatherman is broken, send it back. they will not only fix it, but "upgrade it", including handy new features like a cable holder, a slightly better knife etc. Works good to chop up cocaine too (this i have witnessed, much to my disbelief. Sysops, watch your backs. The addicts have more energy and time than you, and need your tool.)

As moa says, they will repair your LeatherMan tool if you send it back, but not forever. The warranty period on most of the models, at the time I recieved mine (December 1997), is 25 years. To determine the manufacture date of your LeatherMan Tool (and thus the length of the warranty), look at the place that the blades fold down onto. There will be a number in the MMYY format. This is the date of manufacture.

The LeatherMan also works very well as a roach clip and for starting cars for which you do not have the key or the key does not work. (Insert medium screwdriver in lock, twist hard.) Much cheaper than just replacing the lock, and that way, it's not a concealed weapon.

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