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This song by Depeche Mode was originally released as a single in August 1982. Two different versions were released simultaneously, one 7" and one 12".

The 7" contains the title track and an excerpt from My Secret Garden. The 12" contains a longer version of Leave in Silence, a different excerpt from My Secret Garden and finally a "quieter" version of the title track.

In 1991 a CD-version of the single was released, containing all the five tracks from the two vinyl singles.

The full-length album A Broken Frame, from September 1982, also had Leave in Silence on it, as the first track on the record. In October 1985 the song also appeared on the The Singles 81>85 album.

This was one of the first songs Depeche Mode made after Vince Clarke left the band, and I personally think that they were a lot better before Vince left. Still, it's not bad; and a lot better than most of the later works of Depeche.

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