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Chance is the 14 year old daughter and only child of Lucas Falconer, the man who defends the city of Devil's Echo from occult dangers. The occult defender of Devil's Echo has always been a Falconer, and Chance wants to begin her training in the family business, which traditionally starts at age 14; unfortunately, Lucas thinks that the job is to dangerous for a girl, so he wants to wait for Chance to have a son and to train him. Chance, never the traditional type of girl, doesn't take this laying down, and when a powerful shaman shows up in a coma, with his young daughter missing, Chance decides to investigate on her own, with the help of her two foot long pet dragon, Georgie. As the back cover describes it:

What follows is the adventure of a lifetime, filled with shape shifting Trogs, Indian mysticism, Sewer Goblins, a fire breathing dragon, and even a monstrous sized, city destroying Toad.

This is a fun comics series, with likeable characters and lots of action. Devil's Echo is itself an interesting setting, like any modern day city with computers and technology, and magic just another part of life to deal with (the emblem of the police department is a pentagram). As the series goes by, she picks up various friends and allies, and constantly gets involved in occult related troubles, to the never-ending consternation of her father.

Written by James Robinson and Paul Smith, published by Image Comics.

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